Kool Smiles: A Great Dentist For Kids

Is Kool Smiles a good dentist? Thousands of parents and children across the United States certainly think so. If you're looking for a good dentist for your child, here are 10 good reasons to consider Kool Smiles.

10 Reasons Why Kool Smiles is a Good Dentist

Here are 10 reasons why so many parents choose Kool Smiles for their children.

  1. Locations, locations, locations. We are proud to boast over 120 locations in 15 different states and Washington D.C. Plus, we have extended weekday and weekend hours to make it easier for parents to bring their kids to one of our offices.

  2. We help the underserved. Our dental facilities are located in areas that are otherwise underserved by dentists. Many of the residents in the areas we serve do not have access to affordable dental care. Our goal is to change that, and we locate our offices in areas where we can do exactly that.

  3. Medicaid acceptance. Unlike so many other dentists, we gladly accept Medicaid at each and every location. In fact, the majority of our patients use Medicaid to pay for their services.

  4. Kid-friendly atmosphere. We do everything we can to make the dentist office a welcoming place for children. Our oversized waiting rooms are equipped with play areas and most locations even feature a full-size playground!

  5. Parent-friendly atmosphere. We have a special viewing area for parents that allows them to observe their child's treatment. Many of our offices are staffed with bilingual representatives to make communication easy for non-English speaking parents.

  6. Quality service. All of our dentists are professionally licensed and trained and undergo regular continuing education to stay at the forefront of children's dental care.

  7. Range of services. In addition to general dental care, many Kool Smiles locations offer pediatric, orthodontic and wisdom tooth services.

  8. Patient satisfaction. Only about one out of every 4,000 Kool Smiles appointments results in a complaint and our Patient Satisfaction Services team responds to each and every one. Plus, 97% of our patients say they would refer friends and family to Kool Smiles.

  9. We educate. We take every step possible to educate parents and children about dental and nutritional health. Our library of activity sheets, videos and articles aims to improve general knowledge about dental habits and oral hygiene.

  10. We care. We are very actively involved in working with the communities we serve and with those in need. Whether it's donating dental supplies to flood and tornado victims, executing a candy donation drive for our troops or a host of other outreach initiatives, we love to show how much we care.

It's easy to see why Kool Smiles dentists aren't just good and accomplished at providing dental care, they're focused and committed to helping the children who need them most. Learn more about how Kool Smiles can serve your children today!

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